ARCHIVE INTERVIEW: Duncan Edward Jones of Silverclub


Duncan Edward Jones (formerly of Silverclub, still a cool music dude)

A few years back, Caroline Boyd and I met somehow via the miracle of the Twitter. She hosts the Tuesday drive-time show on AllFM in Manchester, U.K. (5-7 p.m. GMT), and has a great taste in music. I especially love when she shares tunes from the rich Manchester scene (and its environs), which over the years has birthed acts like The Smiths, Happy Mondays, Inspiral Carpets, New Order, The Stone Roses and Oasis.

My favorite band Caroline led me to love, though, is Silverclub, an electro-rock act led by Duncan Edward Jones that combined catchy dance hooks and witty, dark, confessional lyrics. When I got the debut album in 2012, I listened to it so many times I thought I’d wear out the grooves on the CD. (That is how CDs work, right?)

I was thrilled to connect with Duncan for this interview that originally aired Aug. 14, 2012, on The Signal on WHRW Binghamton. We discussed how he got into electronic music, the formation of the band and the making of the album. Lots of fun moments in this one.

Sadly, Silverclub played a final gig in November 2015, so I did not fulfill my dream to see the band perform live. Still, I’m sure all the band members (which also included Henrietta Smith-Rolla, Gareth Carbery, Nick Cotterill and Ian ‘Budgie’ Jones) will continue to create new music – and I for one will be waiting to hear it.

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