INTERVIEW: ‘Doctor Who’ star Ian McNeice at L.I. Who



‘We shall not falter or fail; we shall not weaken or tire …’ Ian McNeice embodying the iconic Winston Churchill in Doctor Who. [BBC photo]

One of the unexpected but fun interviews I did at last November’s L.I. Who convention on Long Island was actor Ian McNeice, best recognized by Doctor Who fans as Winston Churchill in a series of episodes during the Matt Smith era.


Apart from Doctor Who, he’s known for his numerous stage roles, TV appearances (Chef, Cadfael, Doc Martin, Jonathan Creek) and movie roles (The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain, From Hell, Valkyrie, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls).

Now that Big Finish Productions has a license to make audios based on the new Doctor Who series, a box set called The Churchill Years Vol. 1 was released in January, chronicling Churchill’s other encounters with the Doctor.  I discussed the set with Mr. McNeice and learned what has since been announced officially: A second set will be released next year.


Churchill meets the Daleks for a sequel story. [Photo: Big Finish]

Mr. McNeice is quite the character, especially when let loose during L.I. Who’s traditional Match Game with the stars (known better to Brits as Blankety Blank – a fact that fellow guest Noel Clarke was happy to find out when I explained it to him). It’s no surprise that he dropped a couple of F-bombs during our chat, edited out for radio. Churchill would be proud.


Perhaps the only time during the weekend that Ian McNeice took off his cap at last November’s L.I. Who convention. He wanted to prove he really did have hair. [Photo by me]

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