INTERVIEW: Driftwood on ‘City Lights’ and more


Driftwood is, from left, Joe Kollar, Joey Arcuri, Claire Byrne and Dan Forsyth. [Photo provided]

One of the great things about covering the music / entertainment scene in Binghamton is watching performers grow over time.

I remember when Driftwood‘s first album, Rally Day, came out in 2009. Claire Byrne was still in college, so Joe Kollar and Dan Forsyth recorded it piece by piece when she was on break from school. Even when it came out, though, the project did not accurately reflect the growing energy that the band displayed onstage.

Three albums later, they are touring up and down the East Coast (and beyond) and are easily the biggest group to come out of Binghamton for the past 20 years. Have a listen to City Lights and realize why they deserve it. I’m proud of them.

Here’s the fun interview from this week’s edition of The Signal, with discussion about the new album and touring life. You can read my published piece from Go here.






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